New!  Balance Point

Predicts Market Direction and when Markets will be Choppy or Trending!

Our new revolutionary Balance Point tool actually analyzes the stocks that makeup the major sectors and S&P, NASDAQ, and DOW indexes.  We monitor every single trade in every stock in that sector or index and show you how far above / below balance they are.  What makes this tool so useful is that it is only calculated on the trades starting today and therefore ignores any overnight gaps. It gives buy/sell signals near the open, and even at highs/lows of the day.

As you can see below the Semiconductors went below balance (short) at 9:42, a full 20 Minutes BEFORE the market sold off.  When you see most sectors green the market will rally up, when most are red the market will trend down.  When half are green and half are red you get choppy trend less markets that are very hard for most traders to trade.  Why?  Because the markets tend to be choppy until they begin to trend again and most traders do not have any way to know when the sectors begin to line up in the same direction which causes new trends.

The Semiconductors often lead the market and you can see they went long at 11:34 EST, 4 minutes before the nice 7 point S&P move! 
Between the first two major swings our balance point tool gave the potential of catching 17 S&P points in less than 3 hours.





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