These Testimonials are all Stock Traders and do NOT apply to Futures or Forex.
  TopGun Software has completely revolutionized my stock trading. I have traded with at least a half a dozen one dimensional stock trading platforms over the years. I am a TopGun Software customer for life. They great customer support, advanced scanning software, profitable trading systems, its incredible. They've spent hours consulting with me individually to help me improve my stock trading. And I'm a profitable trader. I'm extremely pleased I found these guys and couldn't recommend them higher. Keep up the great work.**
  Rick S from California
  I have been using TopGun Software for day trading for the last 6 months. I just love it. I have used many different platforms in the past but I find this is the best trading software I have ever used so far. Software has so many features to fit the needs of traders with different trading styles. My favorite two features are Live Scanner which finds the best trading stocks for each day and automatically shows the top stocks with up to 20 stocks linked to the scanner. You can sort the stocks with a mouse click and boom charts are automatically displayed without any extra effort. This helps me to catch the stocks before lot of traders in the market. As you know good entry reduces your risk and increases your reward. I just sit back and let stocks come to me. I also love the New York and Nasdaq volume analysis tool. It shows me real time buying and selling volume across entire market. It is just one of the tools they have that can predict which way the market will go before it makes its move. This gives me confidence to hold my trades for largest profits possible. I also love their Level II order entry system. Entering an order with 1 mouse click is so simple. It is also possible to exit a position with a click of a mouse button regardless of how many pending orders you have. All these tools make my trading so easy and profitable I just can't help them enough. **
  G Patel from Illinois
  I have been trading with TopGun Software for the past few months now. I really like their easy to use, powerful and fast scanning feature. I really can't imagine going back to other software platforms because TopGun Software is much much faster. **
  Huey Lu from California
  I have been trading with the TopGun Software for about a year now. I found that the software to be extremely powerful and beneficial to my everyday trading. The Scans help me find the stocks. The Filters help me narrow down the selection. Special fields such as the Rng% and Vol%, and the new Rng30% and Vol30% really help me time the trade entries.

The best part about the software is the continual development of new trading tools and ideas that gives the traders the extra edge. I love it. Won't trade without it. **
  John W from California
I have used TopGun Software's Acuity Work Station software for about 2 years and find it is the best trading software in the market, I enjoying those powerful scanning features provide me a lots of best candidates  to trade and I love 3-L-B overlay on the chart which provide me very clear picture to make in/out decision.  Thanks a lot!! **
  Joyce Chen from California
  I have been trading for the last few years and found it very difficult until I found TopGun Software. Their software has really helped me. I use their advanced yet easy to use scanning every day and love how the results automatically show up on my charts. I just sit back and let the best trading stocks come to me, then make my decision and in a second can fire off an order and complete my trade. I love their software and can't imagine trading with any other place. Thanks a lot. **
  Weike  Rochester, NY
  This is an amazing trading platform. The innovative multi-layer charting system has quadrupled trader's vision. Using hotlist multi-link, trader can follow several strong candidates at the same time. Dynamically updated hotlist candidates enabled trader always take good position ahead of others! It's indeed a revolutionary system.  Thanks! **
  Nathan from California
I just finished my 7 days trial and really like the software which has so many very powerful features and got really good basic training and decide to open a account... Thanks **
  Helen Huang from California

I have 6 years of daytrading experience and used so many software’s before, and started Use TopGun Software AWS a year a ago and love to use it, for sure AWS is the best program for daytrading, it has so many really good features like very powerful Real time scan/filter, auto-show the top 20 scan candidates on charts, four layers which gives my 4 monitor system the equivalent of 16 trading monitors, and nice Integration of scan/chart/execution, very easy to learn and use. **


David. Wang  from California


I know that one needs a good trading tooling in order to make profits in day tradings. **


In the past, I've bought "SuperCharts", and was a subscriber of for several years. Before I started to use "TopGun Software" in Sep. 2003, I've been a member of  "TradeStation" for a year. In addition, I've ordered and tried many other analyzing toolings and Scan/Alert services.


But I have to stress that even though each software or service has its own advantages, all these softwares and services are very limited in many areas.


1) For example, I want to watch 5-minute and daily realtime charts of 5, 10, or even 20 stocks at the same time. In addition, I want to watch index charts of Dow, Nasdaq, S&500, Nasdaq100, and several sectors that are active int day. 


No one software could accomplish so many tasks at one time, except 'TopGun Software'. In fact, right now, every day I watch at least two times as many charts as described above. And since these charts are all real-time, I can control the changing situations among the market, the various sectors, and the individual stocks in real-time.


2) From my experience of using other softwares/services, whenever real-time Scan/Alert service sends a signal according to the selected module, I have to go over the charts of this candidate. This going-over process might take 1-3 minutes. But during this time, the stock might have already gong up or down for more than $0.30. 


On the other hand, all candidates given by 'TopGun Software', including all quotes and charts, are real-time, without any delays. I can make buying/selling decisions within 20 or even 10 seconds. To a day trader like me, this advantage in timing is very critical.


3) The power of 'TopGun Software' beyond my imagination. I has all the functions that I need, plus many other useful functions I've never thought of. These include my preferred indicators E.G. '3-line break', 'previous day's high & low, and 'squat bar'. I've never seen these indicators in any other software. In addition, I can mix and match any module with any sectors, any setups, and/or any filters. This can form countless combinations. Other modules I like to use now (Above-PT Zone, Below-PT Zone, Break-UP Buy, Break-Down Sell, Bottom Fish, Etc.) Provide enough candidates with very high success rate.


Thus, when I go back to reuse the software I've used before, they seem like kids' games compared to 'TopGun Software'.


Thank you very much for designing such a powerful software and thank you very much for your good service. Now I totally depend on the 'TopGun Software'. Without, I cannot make any trading decisions! **

  Zewen Y from California

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