TopGun Software Video Tutorials
This video training page will give you basic and advanced training on how to setup and use our advanced trading software.  

Soon we will also record live trading sessions and provide those to our customers.  In those you will learn how to determine likely market direction, which scans provide consistent high probability trades and basic and advanced ways of entering and exiting trades. 

Basic Introduction - How to setup charts, chart studies, quote sheets and scans.
Scanning Tutorial  - How to use our advanced scanning software including complete descriptions of each scan.
Market Volume - How to use our exclusive NYSE and NASDAQ Volume Analysis Tool to anticipate market direction.
Buy/SellPressure - How to use our unique Buy/Sell Pressure tool to watch what the world's largest traders are doing.
Index / Sector Volume
- The most predictive tool for determining FUTURE market direction. We analyze all of the volume in all
  of the stocks that makeup the major indexes and sectors and show you real time buying/selling.
Live Trading  
Mon Jan 24,2005 (34 Min Video) Showcasing Buy/Sell Pressure, NYSE Volume Breakout Scanning  Profit  $ 784.40
Tue  Jan 25,2005 (Screenshot) Started day late and basically day was a scratch. Profit  $ 11.77
Wed Jan 26,2005 (31 Min Video) Showcasing 3 Day High/Low Breakout, 50 Day MA Breakout Profit  $ 448.84
Thur Jan 27,2005 (18 Min Video) Showcasing Statistical Range Breakouts Profit  $ 303.02
Fri   Jan 28,2005 (70 Min Video) Showcasing 3 Line Break Trading Loss   $ 120.42
Mon Jan 31,2005 (29 Min Video) Showcasing Market Profile Based Upper / Lower Value Area Profit  $ 775.50
Tues  Feb 1,2005 (22 Min Video) Showcasing Buy/Sell Pressure with Strong/Weak stocks Profit  $ 466.00
Wed   Feb 2,2005 (61 Min Video) Showcasing Market Profile Based Upper / Lower Value Area Profit  $ 1,077.99
Wed   Feb 3,2005 (24 Min Video) Showcasing Market Profile Based Upper / Lower Value Area Profit  $ 720.25
Fri     Feb 4,2005 (41 Min Video) Showcasing First 5Min Bar Breakout/Breakdown with 300% Volume Profit  $ 555.50
Trouble Viewing Videos?

When creating small streamable videos online you must compress them.  We decided to use the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec because it created videos that preserved 100% of the image quality yet were very small.

If you cannot view our videos, click here to download this small codec.  More info