TopGun Software Problem Solver


Problem:  What is the eSignal Symbol for EUR/GBP or other currencies?

Solution: For all USD based pairs just use the other currency's symbol. 
For example EUR/USD is EUR A0-FX (A zero dash FX).  USD/JPY is JPY A0-FX
For all other crosses such as EUR/GBP it is EURGBP A0-FX.    EUR/JPY is  EURJPY A0-FX

For further clarification please View Signal's Symbol Guide click here.
Forex Symbols near bottom of this page's list!


Problem: UnAuthorized User

Solution: This just means you haven't registered your eSignal login in our database and our program will
not work until you do so.  If you are a trial user click here.  If you are a Forex trader who has opened an
account with one of our supported Forex Brokers then click here to register!



Problem:  I can't login!

Solution 1: You may not have installed eSignal's program.  Download and install it first before
running TopGun.  Without their program installed ours won't work.

Solution 2: Enter your eSignal Login and password. 

If you get the below error box it means you entered an incorrect Login and/or Password. 
Go check the email from eSignal that has your correct login/pass and try again. 

If you can't resolve it yourself go to eSignal's Live Rep page and they can help you.  We do
keep your password and can not help in this issue.

If you login incorrectly you will also see eSignal's Data Manager as Red (left) in your toolbar vs
the correct GREEN (right) by your clock in example below.



Problem:  Charts just never load

Solution 1: This is usually caused by one of three issues. The first is either an incorrect login/password.
You may see a red eSignal data manager in your taskbar by your clock.

If you see this than go to the problem above and work with eSignal to fix.

Solution 2: If you have a Green eSignal data manager then when bringing up TopGun click the box that
says "Get login information from previous eSignal login" and this often fixes this issue.

Solution 3: Because TopGun uses web authentication and communicates with eSignal's data manager
some Anti Virus and Firewall apps block our program.  We do NOT support these due to the many hours
it can take to configure them properly and there are hundreds out on the market.  You have two choices,
contact your anti virus or firewall providers tech support and see how to configure them to allow our Software
to run OR simply uninstall any anti virus or firewall programs. 

To Uninstall anti virus click Start Window, Control Panel,  Add/Remove Programs and find the offending
program and click uninstall.  It usually requires a reboot and then you will find our software just works perfect.