3 Major Reasons Why Most Traders Fail

Trading is not easy.  There are a small percentage of full time professionals and highly skilled part-time traders who have learned how to trade correctly and generate consistent profits year after year.  While there are no absolute similarities between all successful traders, losing traders generally share these three things in common.

1)  Most losing traders have no trading strategy, inadequate market knowledge, and quite simply no "Edge".

Our Solution: We give our traders the "Edge" they seek through education, exclusive real time market analysis, time tested & sophisticated trading strategies, and the cutting edge real-time filtering and alert capabilities of Pro Scan software. (No data feed required!)

2)  Trading is 90% Psychological

Our Solution:
Because we are a firm founded by professional traders, we know what it takes to succeed in this business. It is often not the smartest or most intelligent trader who wins in this game, but the trader who is emotionally stable, disciplined, and who can deal with the often tremendous stress and anxiety that trading produces.

We are the only trading firm who addresses this critical component of trading and offers products to help you combat anxiety and Trade in the Zone!

By trading with us you will receive two products geared to helping you avoid self sabotaging behavior, reduce stress and anxiety during trading thus retaining concentration and focus.

  1. World Famous Sports Hypnotist produced exclusively for us
    Stress and Anxiety Elimination Hypnosis CD
  2. 15 Minute Relaxation CD designed to put your brain in the most
    conducive state for optimum concentration and relaxation while trading!

3)  Successful traders treat their trading as a business

Our Solution: Wholesale Commissions!

      As with any typical business
         SALES          (Trading Performance)
    -    EXPENSES  (Commissions)
         NET PROFITS

Our commission rates are substantially LESS than our competition. (Over 50% in some cases).

The choice is clear

  1. Find the best trading opportunities using our FREE Pro Scan Software
  2. Reduce or eliminate self sabotaging behavior using our hypnosis and relaxation CDs
  3. Lower Commissions mean Higher profits for you!