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5 Trading Tools Not Available in Other Forex Trading Platforms

1) Volume Profile Charts - Advanced Charting that shows you the Open / High / Low / Close but more importantly where all the trading activity takes place.  This shows you REAL support and resistance areas to buy and short and exit trades.  Why do so many traders lose money trading?  Human emotion!  Here's what often happens.  Many traders enter positions in a certain direction, they are wrong and it goes against them.  They sit and wait and sweat as they are losing money, sometimes a LOT of money.  Many exit with losses.  Others hold on tight and hope the market reverses.  When it often does and comes back to the area they placed their trades they are so relieved to get out with a small loss or breakeven they almost always exit.  This causes the market to stall at this level at the least and usually reverse.   These areas are often the lowest risk and highest probability trades! Without Volume Profile charts you are really trading blind.

Example:  In the chart below you can clearly see not only the open, high, low and close of each bar but where all the trading activity took place.  This works on all intraday time frames, Daily, and Weekly as shown below. Notice on the 4th, 5th and 6th weeks the low couldn't break the support caused by all the trading activity on Week 3.  Intraday time frames of 30, 60, 120, 240 min charts also very effective for finding low risk, high probability trades off of REAL support and resistance

2) Average Traders Position - We are the only trading platform that shows you Volume Weighted Average Price for Forex.  On the charts on this page you will see this indicator as the yellow line.  It is the level where the average trader has a position.  If the market is above this line you are safer buying and below this line shorting.  That is where the edge is.  This is one of the absolute BEST TRADING TOOLS you will ever find, especially for the Forex as no other trading platform has it and you can exploit this many times each day as you will see in our examples below. 

During an uptrend the market will often pullback and sell off down to this level.  It can give you 3 to 8 VERY LOW RISK trades each day in every currency pair.  Here's how to make money with this tool.  During up trends, wait for the market to come down to this level and buy, use a 5 to 10 pip stop and depending how how volatile and trendy the market is, take profits at 10 to 30 pips.  As you will see there are often many trades at this level each day and the majority of them are profitable.  When this level fails you can reverse your position as you KNOW that many traders are losing money now and the move usually continues

Example:  In the chart below the market is very strong.  Using our pivot indicator you can see that the market is above the second resistance level.  Most days the market stays below this level.  The market pulls back to this Pivot support level AND the Average Traders Position.  This first trade makes up to 25 pips.  Then the market sells down to this level again and again the market stalls.  You could have made up to 20 pips on the second trade.  This tool, used with common sense can make you a lot of money.  As you can see the market tries to break the highs but fails.  It's only common sense that maybe the market is done going higher.  You should be careful buying this level the third time.  The market pulls back and again stalls at this level but doesn't bounce much off of it.  If you did buy this third level you could have made 10 pips but not much more.  At this point you need to think about shorting when the market breaks down.  This yellow line is where the average trader's position is and if it falls below this level MOST traders are on average losing money and will sell causing the market to fall.  As you can see the market falls about 75+ Pips from this level and close to 100 Pips from our two sell signals at the high.  I will discuss our trading systems later on this page.  We give you MANY tools to make money.

3) Statistical Trading Tools - You will not find in other trading platforms our statistical tools.  We have two that can dramatically improve your trading and give you low risk, high probability trades.  Precise laser like entries are often not possible without these tools.  The first statistical tool we give you is our Statistical Range.   You can set the number of days to average and what time frame to average and we plot the statistical high and low of this period right on the chart.  For example you can use a 5 min chart to trade and see the statistical 60 min bar high and low.  Very often the market will come up and touch the statistical high and selloff.  Same thing with the lows.  In addition to low risk precise entries, this tool lets you see how volatility today compares to the past.  If you see low volatility for a few hours there is a HIGH probability that when the market breaks out of this range there will be a strong trending move.  It gives you a low risk breakout opportunity and typically you can catch 20 to 50 Pips from this situation.  If volatility is higher than normal you can adjust your trading style to accompany this.  If you normally take 10 pips out of a move and volatility is higher than you will know to hold out for 15 to 20 pips.  When the market is really volatile your profit potential goes up dramatically and no other tool gives you such a clear picture of this than our statistics. 

Example: This strategy was 83% successful and NETTED 150 Pips!
Buy the statistical hourly low and sell the statistical hourly high
with  Stop 10 pips - Profit 10 Pips.
In the chart below there were 18 trades with 15 winners!  You are at a severe disadvantage trading
without this tool
.  Most traders would not be able to make 150 Pips on a choppy sideways day.


Statistical Volume Analysis - Another statistical tool we have is our volume statistics.  You can see for every bar how much trading activity is taking place compared to the average (white line).  If you see the market go up on 50% to 100% more volume than normal and then come down on average to below average volume you have a VERY HIGH probability buy signal as the market is very likely to go back up.

Example: This strategy using our Intelligent Volatility Trailing Stop Caught 150+ Pips!
Buy when the market went over trailing stop and exit when trailing stop gets penetrated. 
In the chart below you
can see that the market broke out around 1.1891 and there was heavy statistical trading activity.  There was about 40 to 50%
more buying than normal for this time of the day.  Then the market went sideways on Light Trading Activity.  This is a big
sign that the market will make another move up and gives you CONFIDENCE to hold your position.  The market does make
another break to the upside with over 4X its normal volume!  You could continue to hold or because you see a Trend Reversal
Sell Signal get out here and reenter on a pullback.  That is exactly what happens, our Trend Reversal tool shows you the market
has moved TOO MUCH and is likely to reverse.  It does reverse but on far lower volume.  Another push is made to the upside
with significantly higher volume than during the pullback with many bars double their average statistical trading volume!  Again, you
can use either our Volatility Trailing Stop or our Trend Reversal Tool to exit.  We give you so many tools that other traders do not
have to significantly increase your trading edge and profits.

4) Trend Reversal Tool - The trend is your friend UNTIL the trend reverses.  This tool lets you know when the trend has moved too much and is likely to reverse.  What you will find with this indicator is that the market will either reverse or consolidate sideways.

Trend Reversal Tool Finds 250+ Pips in 4 Days!

Example: As you can see from the Euro 15 min chart below this Trend Reversal tool is simply amazing.  It gives you a heads up when the market is most likely to reverse or consolidate sideways.  If you are in a position you should consider tightening your stop or exiting with your profits.  It is also a low risk area to enter in the opposite direction of the trend.


5) Probability Bands - Would you like to know what level will be the high or low today?  Probability bands are not available in any other trading platform and are based on each currencies volatility.  These levels give you the 65%, 80%, 88% and 95% Probable Highs and Lows.

In the example below you can see that on the first day the high is the 95% Probability High.  The following day the low is the 80% Probability Low.  On the next day the high is the 95% Probability High.  This tool is very useful for exiting your trades and for considering reversal trades.  You will never find this in any other Forex trading platform as this analysis is very complex and is only used by Billion Dollar Hedge Funds and Institutions.  That's why the market stops at these levels.